Kulgram Desain IGD #4 - Anatomy of Authentical Logo - Adhitya Nugroho

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Lets begin.

"8x sribu.com tests have not qualified, frustrated until almost want to live suicide?" Please be patient. This is becoming increasingly tough competition in the world of design.

It also happened to me. I often take the exam from sribu.com, several times failed, and finally do not try to log in again. Short stories one day I strengthen my heart wants to try again to take the test sribu to start working in the world of design, especially brand identity or better known by the logo. After waiting approximately one week after the upload, finally escaped with a one time upload designs.

So, here I tried sharing, it does not mean I am more understanding or more good than all of you. I'm just ordinary people who try to work through the logo design from scratch. I'm still a newbie. My name is Adhitya Nugroho from kebumen #ngapakgariskeras. Here I will share tips about "The Anatomy of Authentic Logo Design"

As a designer we know that to create a logo that is not something that is easy and fast. There are many stages, draining time and our own minds. Just imagine just looking for any color could spend 4 hours (if I). Creativity is the main ingredient that makes a brilliant and authentic design. Authentic itself means that when we see a logo, just in less than 3 seconds, we already know what it's logo. "Oh it's logo ....." please fill in the blank. How we make it? There are 10 steps that will be discussed here.

1. Business process
design has been included in the realm of deploying. Client wants us design and create one logo. The problem that arises here is "what kind of logo". We must be good to know the logo design desired by the client, if the contest sribu exist in brief. From the type of logo (logoicon, logotype or both), the philosophy of client products, color et al.

2. Research
This is the key to creativity. Find logo design in accordance with a predetermined brief. We can find inspiration in google images, Instagram, Behance, Dribbble, pinterest, or in the place where we see the logo design. The more research we should be more and more a reference instead of getting confused. Have fun eh guys gays :)

3. Sketch
Just as the material already submitted earlier Mr. Aldo. We try to make a sketch first before made visual. So that we also have a clear direction to create the design. There are 5 types to create a logo: lettering, icon / image, the emblem of style, handlettering, integrated.

4. Sketches to vector
When we made the sketch would have been more than 20 ideas that come out of our creativity. Select some of the most excellent design and visualize them with our weapons applications. Illustrator, Corel whatever it is. Do not forget to be color yes according to the brief.

5. Graphic explorer
Let their imagination and creativity. Choose the colors, fonts, border exciting adjust to the brief. Don't forget to plug earphones and a glass of coffee to accompany us.

6. Presentation
Present 3 best logos we make to the client. 3 Just remember, although we have made more of it. Pick the best. Client would not want certainly will choose from 3 and will not ask again unless the revised design. "A good design resolves the problem, bad design create many".

7. Final design
Error on the beginner is to let the client make revisions as much as possible. Since the beginning we should talk about how many revisions that we can provide. Learning to be professional and ventured filed a number of revisions. Give our best logo so that not too many revisions. "In the contest, if according to the client get a nice logo they will give a stars, bad logo given dieliminated." As Easy as you see. Right?

8. Send an invoice
Send our final design according to the client request, and do not forget to say thank you to them. Then immediately see your account in case the balance in your account has been increased. Yosh !

9. Final delivery
Give the final logo in various file formats (ai, eps, jpg, png, pdf).

10. Relationship
Give thanks to our clients and build a good relationship. That way we gain greater opportunities to work and earn a new profit. We do not know the next client would like to request the design of stationery from his company or possible design for the new company. Save contacts. This is a business do not throw away, that need to be made database. Once again we are doing business is not just the design only.

That is my sharing about "Anatomi of Authentic Logo Design" and thank you already want to hear me. If you have questions, or any one wants to share the experience, please go ahead.


Untuk yang kurang mengerti bahasa inggris versi bahasa Indonesia bisa lihat di sini : https://vellostudio.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/anatomy-of-authentic-logo-design/

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